2017-08-28 18:28:40

Advantages and Prospects of Plastic Laser Welding Application

Environmental requirements and lightweight trends make plastic more and more alternative to the metal parts of industrial products, while plastic green laser pointer welding relative to other welding technology, has more advantages:

Non-contact welding, and the workpiece to be welded without physical contact, thermoplastic does not occur chemical reaction, can be operated in the industrial environment for health and safety needs of the medical and food industries. The medical industry is mainly used for injection systems, medical electronic equipment, all kinds of artificial transplant and stoma products.

The shape of the blue laser pointer beam can be adjusted to control the size of the heat affected zone and the joint area, high degree of freedom, and good flexibility. Does not limit the size and shape of parts to be welded, can achieve two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding, for the diversification of customized parts to provide a basis for production.

Welding speed, high weld strength, no flash, no residue, to ensure a good appearance of the welding area. Relevant data show that the ordinary passenger car, the proportion of non-metallic materials accounted for about 1/3, part of the proportion of this model is larger, plastic is one of the four non-metallic materials. High-end car bumper using plastic laser welding to achieve the strength and appearance of the best of both worlds. Others such as automotive filters, gas-liquid separator, car dashboard shell, electronic door opener, gearbox and other laser pointer welding can play a good effect.

Precise solid, airtight, watertight, can greatly reduce the thermal stress and vibration stress, for precision electronic components and vulnerable components, but the most suitable.

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